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Direct Supportive Services Aide

Job Location

Jumoke Community-Based Care

Job Type

Job Type

Job Type


About the Role

The Direct Supportive Services Aide will provide 24 hour intense services to the youth who are in the JCBC program. The aide will be expected to:
1. Attend all appointments with residents
2. Teach daily life skills with youth
3. Provide ongoing support by engaging, listening, and advocating on the behalf of the youth


  • Must have at least a High School Diploma or GED 

  • Must be Med-Tech certified

  • Must have 40 hours of training completed

  • Must complete MANDT training

About the Company

Jumoke, Inc. is a human services agency that provides residential and independent living placement to foster care and other at risk youth in Baltimore, Maryland. Services include case management, group home placement, independent and semi-independent living and developmental disability placement, and training. Jumoke, Inc. has fostered a relationship with several private and public agencies to ensure comprehensive care of all clients. We are committed to providing strength-based services to at-risk youth in order to help shape them into productive citizens. Jumoke focus intensely on the life domains to assist each resident in growth and stability. We will provide the required med-tech training, first-aid & CPR training, and MANDT training. We will also provide the 40 hours of in-service work requirement.

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